QKC Heart and Sole Walking Club is every Tuesday and Thursday, throughout the year any time between 10am and 1pm.

There will be four sessions per year;

  • January 8 through March 28 (Winter)
  • April 1 through June 27 (Spring)
  • July 2 through September 26 (Summer)
  • October 1 through December 19 (Fall)

There will be no session on Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day) and Thursday, November 19 (Thanksgiving).

Public may register on any date noted above, however it is recommended to register early in each quarter.  Registration is free and prizes will be distributed to the registered walker with the highest number of laps. QKC is an outdoor mall that is partially covered so the event will not be impacted.  All walker levels are welcome and walking groups are encouraged.  Please note that running is not permitted.