Kahului, Maui, HI – January 21, 2019 – Award-winning Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center (QKC) in Kahului has served the community for 46 years as Maui’s largest shopping mall with more than 100 shops and restaurants. We have been a strong and faithful community partner since opening in 1972, significantly contributing to the state’s economy and providing job opportunities for generations of local residents. Our regional shopping center also has served as the island’s main public transportation hub since 2005 – at the nominal cost to the County of Maui of $1 per year.

Over the last decade, Maui County has experienced a shift in demographics, specifically in the central Maui area, which includes Queen Ka’ahumanu Center.  As an easily accessible, private property with high pedestrian traffic, QKC consistently reviews tenant and customer trends, along with environmental changes, so we can consistently meet and exceed safety and security expectations.

QKC’s professionally trained security team patrols the interior and exterior of the center on foot and by car 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visible and vigilant throughout their patrols, the team works to deter crime by consistently observing and monitoring patrons and their activities, as well as providing preventive and safety guidance. Our security team operates in a service, rather than enforcement, role; they are unarmed and do not have a police officer’s arrest authority. The security team is trained to protect customers and tenants by enforcing QKC’s Code of Conduct and relies on the Maui Police Department to provide armed officers when violators refuse to comply with the center’s conduct policies. Despite our consistent efforts, unforeseeable alleged assaults took place at the shopping center on January 3 and 9, 2019.  Both are being actively investigated by the Maui Police Department and QKC provides full cooperation.

“QKC extends its sincere condolences to the victims for the unfortunate crimes committed against them.  We thank the security personnel that acted quickly and appropriately to help Maui Police Department apprehend the parties involved. As always, QKC continues to provide security measures to help deter events like this from happening”, says Toni Rojas, Vice President of Business and Community Development.

QKC management seeks to assure the public that the shopping center is a safe and secure environment for patrons, tenants and staff by addressing the publicly aired concerns. Within 24 hours, video surveillance cameras were added to both the food court and south wing restroom hallways and security personnel added.  Maui Police Department presence has also been requested.  The specific schedule will not be disclosed.

In response to claims that QKC management does not address loitering and/or disorderly conduct at the shopping center, QKC’s policy balances citizens’ rights with safety concerns.   As a privately-owned property that invites the public to visit for shopping, dining and entertainment, the center is empowered to establish our own regulations on patrons’ conduct as well as our security team’s response to inappropriate and unsafe activities occurring on the property. Our code of conduct, which prohibits loitering, disruptive or threatening behavior is enforced by our security team in a courteous, positive and professional manner.  QKC has zero tolerance policy.  If violators do not comply, they may be arrested by Maui Police Department officers and prosecuted for criminal trespass.

In response to concerns about the bus transit hub located on the Wailuku side of the shopping center, QKC notified the Maui County Department of Transportation on October 5, 2017 that their lease ending on January 31, 2020 would not be extended as QKC’s infrastructure does not accommodate the significant increase in bus rider growth over the last 14 years. In January 2018, the County of Maui Mayor’s office announced they had found an ideal location and were working on funding. QKC management offers support to ensure a seamless transition to the new bus transit hub location.

Community safety and security is a result of collective consensus and public investment.  QKC welcomes any violation of our Code of Conduct or suspicious activity be immediately directed to QKC security via phone call to 877.0718 or text 451.9663.  For emergencies, call 911.